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Stepping Into Your Magnificent Self!

Do you want to finally have your head and your heart on the same page with:

That job you hate?

That relationship you know isn’t working the way it is going?

The passion you know you need to pursue but are too scared to?

If this is you it may be time to take a look at how you can support your health and your life with the unseen aspects of yourself.  Everything we observe in this life, at its smallest level is nothing but ENERGY. When it comes to the energy of the body, it needs to be open and flowing freely.  That’s why stopping ourselves from speaking up or swallowing our truth for fear of judgment can block the energy center in the throat area. When this energy center opens up not only do you connect your head and your heart; you are able to speak your truth and show up for yourself in all of your life!  

Join Martha Cudlipp Bundra for a combination of fun improvisation games, singing/toning and breathwork, you will be guided to releasing your voice. P.S. if this is scary to you it is a SURE sign you need it!!

Martha Cudlipp Bundra has been performing in local community theatre for over 20 years.  Her versatility as a singer and actress was evident when she performed the hilarious role of Julia Child in the one-act opera Bon Appetit (a one-woman opera staring “Julia Child” baking a chocolate cake).  She has performed throughout the Grand Rapids area in plays and musicals and was nominated for a Grand Award for her chilling performance as Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca at Civic Theatre. Martha has been on the teaching faculty at Civic Theatre as a singing teacher and acting teacher, which includes directing acting workshops in the schools.  

Because she is also a certified massage therapist and Reiki Master with a passion for natural health and healing; Martha is the perfect person to help you connect to your voice! Her journey of discovering natural healing modalities started at the age of 25 when she broke her back.  That’s when she found massage and natural healing modalities to be more effective than standard medical practices. She recently discovered the benefits of chakra balancing when she struggled with her own neck tension and jaw pain after several years of stress. As the youngest in her family, she developed the habit of being seen but not heard.  And, as the performer in the family, she has often been told not to be so dramatic. In this workshop, she will help you open and balance your throat chakra so that you can show up in this world like only you are meant to do.

Earlier Event: August 15
Meditation and Book Study (ongoing)
Later Event: August 22
Meditation and Book Study (ongoing)