Health is so much more than the absence of disease. It is the fullness of life in every aspect of you. It is finding the wholeness that you were created to be — body, mind and spirit.

Sarah Mokma, ND has gathered practitioners and teachers with a wide range of trainings and experiences in each of these areas — body, mind and spirit. She has created Luminosity to bring natural healing, education and self-care into the community in a safe, beautiful environment to help you find the right pieces that will awaken your wellness from the inside out.  

It is her hope that through the many offerings and expertise available at Luminosity; you will find the light from within yourself that fuels radiant wellness in every area of your life.


Sarah Mokma -Transformational Healing - Mind,Spirit and Body

Sarah is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, certified Arvigo Therapy Practitioner, author, speaker, vice president of the Michigan Naturopathic Association, and CEO of Luminosity Center for Healing. Once she discovered the world of natural health and helped turn around her daughter’s health 18 years ago, she found herself wanting to empower all women to own this knowledge for healing.

In addition to her four years of training as a traditional naturopath, Sarah studied emotional, spiritual and vibrational healing all over the world because she has found that in order to find true health, you must work with those aspects of yourself beyond the body.

Sarah uses this knowledge to help you understand you are more than a physical body because these often forgotten aspects of you hold major keys to living your best life. Helping clients tune in to the messages of their body, mind and heart for the deepest and truest healing; Sarah shows women how to grow to their fullest in each season of life.


Susan De Witt Armstrong - Life Coaching

Susan is a veteran teacher with a MA in Counseling and JD in law. Over the past thirty years, while raising her three boys, she became an advocate for children with disabilities by facilitating monthly support groups for parents and advocating for the accommodations needed in helping children navigate a system that did not fit their learning style.

Twelve years ago, after the death of her father, Susan realized her own need for self care. By studying yoga and meditation, receiving training and certification in Reiki, Bach Flower Essences, and Arvigo Spiritual Healing, she began to understand more fully the process of healing from the perspective of the mind, body spirit connection.

Susan is passionate about helping you find the heart of all you are. The voice that calls out to you to be your authentic self, the person you were meant to be. She has experienced firsthand and with helping clients, how healing and self discovery creates the open door to that beautiful soul you are.

Combining her holistic trainings with her experiences as a teacher, counselor and lawyer; Susan is uniquely qualified to assist you in developing your own customized, holistic approach for learning and healing so that you may cultivate personal growth, rejuvenate wellness and unearth your true potential.


Suzanne Brown - Massage and Arvigo® Therapy

Suzanne is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, relaxation and oncology massage and Lomi'ili'ili, a Hawaiian Hot Stone massage. Suzanne also integrates her trainings in Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, and chakra balancing for emotional and energetic healing; to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Influenced by a deep reverence for the old ways of her Grandmother, Suzanne has been delving into traditional and nontraditional healing for over 30 years. It is this love of the old wisdom passed down from generation to generation that drew her to the wisdom and work of Arvigo Therapy which is an ancient technique that has been known and practiced by healers for thousands of years. Arvigo aids the body’s inherent healing and inner knowing to bring some of the most powerful healing. Healing that is beyond the physical body, through the entire system of one who is suffering primarily from reproductive, urinary, digestive and low back issues.

Suzanne’s gift of nurturing, hands-on healing; helps men and women find their body’s balance with Arvigo and at the same time instills the wisdom of millennia for the self-care we so often miss in today’s world.


Tina Erazo - KPS Organic Facials

As a licensed Esthetician and Reiki Master; Tina is passionate about helping other women know that same calming, peaceful environment that helps them feel radiant inside and out; no matter what they’re experiencing.

Tina has always enjoyed caring for others. With her empathic and intuitive nature, she has taken many roles where she was able to use her nurturing spirit to make women feel seen, heard and cared for. But it wasn’t until her mother became very ill that she saw the beauty and healing in working with the body’s energy system. Reiki was a way to offer her mother peace that seemed to superseed the confusion and pain of her illness for both of them.

Tina specializes in a holistic approach to skincare that truly changes the skin from deep within without the use of machines or chemicals that stress the skin. Instead of creating inflammation and looking for a “recovery response”(like many spa treatments rely on); Tina helps reduce and lower inflammation which are the root causes of aging. Tina offers the best organic skincare on the market. KPS Essentials skincare is like nutrition for your skin. It’s Dermanū Technology® is clinically validated to rebuild hydration, promote volume, increase collagen production, reduce age spots, heal eczema, and decrease inflammation including acne.

Most of all, Tina helps give you that internal glow you get when you’re deeply relaxed and at peace that lasts way beyond the time on her table. She believes true beauty comes from radiant health that begins from within. This is why she adds Reiki to her sessions - to help lift your mind and spirit and promote your body’s self healing ability from the inside out.


Jennifer Feldman - Myofascial Release

Jennifer Feldman is a myofascial release practitioner, therapeutic bodyworker, and owner of Limitless Movement in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a trained classical musician, she had an injury that lead her to seek out a way to heal herself. After over a decade of study and practice, Jennifer now works with others to help them find freedom in their own bodies and minds. Her practice is a combination of myofascial release, chinese medicine, and personality development. Jennifer is also trained in Coaching Psychology and integrates those methods into her emotional release work with clients. In addition to her bodywork practice she teaches a unique yoga style that combines traditional methods with modern biomechanics.


Brittany Rose - Massage and Reiki

Brittany Rose is a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga practitioner, and a creative soul. Brittany offers deep tissue, relaxation, prenatal massage and hot stone massage as well as traditional Usui Reiki sessions and private yoga instruction every Saturday at Luminosity.

She combines modern knowledge and experience with ancient wisdom to create unique and personalized healing sessions for her clients. Whether you are seeking a session for relaxation, a specific physical issue, self-care, or reflection, Brittany hopes her sessions help you to align the needs of your mind, body and spirit.


Jill Meulenberg - Young Living Essential Oil Educator

A lifelong learner by nature, Jill Meulenberg has spent the more than five years studying essential oils and the benefits they provide. What began as a journey to better, more natural care for the health of her daughter, turned into a process of transforming every aspect of her family’s home, health + wellness, and ultimately grew to a deep desire to help others do the same.

Essential oils are powerful tools that have been used for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits for centuries, and it often takes just simple steps to incorporate them into our daily routines. Through classes, online educating, and one on one conversations, Jill is engaged and continually advocating for others to find success in better health with essential oils. Jill’s clear teaching along with her caring nature, passionate drive for wellness, and approachability on all topics have been the starting point for the success of numerous individuals and families. She truly believes that we are each the gatekeepers of our own homes, and finds much joy in empowering others to make the best possible choices for what they bring into theirs.


Laura Armenta - Movement Workshops

Laura Armenta is a mixed movement artist, with a long career as an international choreographer, autodidact ethnochoreologist, a yoga teacher educated in various yoga forms, a holistic mobility coach, as well as a dance educator and Thai Yoga therapist. Ms. Armenta has been a professional dancer trained in multiple techniques, has carried a devoted yogini lifestyle since 1991, and has also been an avid martial artist for over three decades. Laura has shared her expertise on the local corporate world having worked at Amway Co. for 11 years as a wellness coach, yoga, dance and fitness instructor, as well as at Steelcase as a dance and yoga instructor.Besides being adjunct faculty at GVSU, she has also been a faculty member at Grand Rapids Ballet, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Civic Theater, and dance guest teacher at Hope College, Calvin College, and Aquinas College,

She is the owner and director of Armentality Movement Arts Center established in 1998, where she teaches recreational dance classes and various movement programs. In addition she directs and continues to expand her Community and Outreach programs where she teaches Yoga for the blind and visually impared community, she has also done dance and yoga classes for Gilda’s Club, Juvenile centers and hospice organizations. Laura Armenta’s Diversity, dance and movement programs are uniquely tailored for district libraries and various school districts K-12.


Erica Jones - Sound Healing Workshops

Erica Jones is a healer, life and business coach. She loves to create opportunities for women to connect deeply within themselves and in community so they can heal, grow and ultimately thrive.